In 2016, Christopher Gainer (Co-Owner of Peddlers Pub) had an idea to bring
axe throwing to Greater Sudbury. Over the past 20ish years of business
Peddlers Pub has done many things to be innovative. They built the first
street patio in Downtown Sudbury, lead the way on having a huge variety of
draft beer, and at the beginning of 2017 Axe Throwing entered the picture
(March 2017 to be precise).

They recently went through a slight brand change. The name was “Northern
Axperts” but after some thought, and the hiring of the branding agency
Launchpad Creative, it was decided a name tied closer to the pub would be
more appropriate. Northern Axperts became Peddlers Axe Throwing Lounge.

Have you been yet? Let’s take a moment to really break down why it’s so fun
to throw an axe at a wooden target. It’s primal… there is this insanely
satisfying feeling you experience when you get the blade dug deep into the
wood. It’s competitive…. Teams usually consist of 6 players. Whether it’s a
date night or just a squad gathering, it’s just brilliant to see which one
of your friends would be the most useful during a zombie apocalypse. It’s
adds to the variety… there is a lot more to do in Sudbury than people
realize. You can go to a Sudbury Wolves (and now The Sudbury Five
basketball) game, hit up an escape room, eat all the food at the many
restaurants in the city, hang out on the 10 million (give or take) lakes in
the area, go take wicked Instagram selfies on one of the several hiking
trails we have access to, and now become a skilled AXE THROWING expert!

Here’s an interesting little fact for you (as per a quick search on the
internet); contrary to popular belief, First Nation warriors did not throw
their axes in battle. It was a very important hand-to-hand combat tool. Why
would they throw it away? But, if they had the skills you will learn with
us, they may have considered it.

Our staff will teach you the different stances, forms, and mindsets
necessary to take out a Zombie with little effort.

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